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ZHIYI Group attaches great importance to technological innovation, possessing advanced core technologies and algorithms in various industries such as cleaning, navigation, obstacle avoidance, image recognition and processing, and maintaining continuous investment in research and development innovation. ZHIYI Group is committed to contributing to society, continuously promoting the development of intelligent cleaning technology through continuous innovation, making robotic cleaning products more popular and practical, and benefiting more consumers.
ZHIYI Zhongshan Manufacturing Base has established a 3,000㎡ functional testing laboratory, equipped with 71 automatic electric injection molding machines and an advanced SMT production workshop. Modern manufacturing technology is applied to improve productivity, and an advanced production management system is adopted to achieve real-time and integrated management of production and manufacturing processes such as product orders, materials, and equipment.
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ZHIYI Group has a well-educated technical team and rich market operation experience. ZHIYI is committed to providing customers with specialized services throughout the design, development, and manufacturing chain. With efficient, high-quality, and high-standard OEM/ODM services, we accurately meet the specific needs of our partners and help them quickly seize market opportunities.

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